Beginner and Intermediate - Module 3

Module 3

PRICE INCLUDES VAT Laarn how to create modern classic designs into unusually shaped containers and the art of working with floral foam. Requires module 1 and 2 to be done first.

R1900.00 (vat inclusive)


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Beginner Module 3 - Modern designing elements and principles - unusual containers and working with oasis

Duration 4hrs
CostR1900.00 vat inclusive price
Includes  Container is supplied and arrangement taken home
  • Work with interesting shaped containers using oasis to make modern floral designs.
  • Often container shapes are daunting – see more than three cutting edge ideas of flowers made into unusually shaped containers and how to apply design principles already learned to these.
  • The tricks and art of using oasis (floral foam) and other accessories for this kind of art in contemporary designs.
  • Asymmetrical design principles of grouping of flowers and forms for modern effects are shown and practised here
  • How to waterproof containers and objects for fresh flower use.
  • The complex floral elements of harmony and balance, scale and proportion, dominance and contrast are taught here.
  • The fundamental principles of design called grouping is shown and practised.
  • LEARN the technique of creating a conceptual arrangement in oasis.
  • Please be advised that the classes/sessions will not run if a minimum of 5 persons are not booked by the Wednesday before the weekend dates listed.

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