Beginner and Intermediate - Module 2

Module 2

PRICE INCLUDES VAT Requires module 1 to be done first. Learn more principles and elements of design The technique of making symmetrical vases

R1850.00 (vat inclusive)


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Beginner Module 2 - How to arrange flowers into a vase and more principles and elements of design

Duration 3hrs
CostR1850.00 vat inclusive price 
Includes  Vase arrangement made taken home
  • How do I put flowers into a vase so as to have the right amount of flowers and create a decent design and shape.
  • Which flowers can I mix together and why?
  • What is a floral style and how does form and texture and colour play a part in creating flowers in all the varying style categories from country to modern minimal.
  • Learn how to create and recognise SPACE: an invaluable tool in floral design.
  • Preparation of stems and containers for this design principle – see how!
  • The greenery foundation – rules of working with greenery in conjunction with flowers and fillers.
  • The complex floral elements of texture and colour are taught here.
  • The fundamental principles of design called scale and proportion are shown and practised.
  • LEARN the technique of creating a symmetrical arrangement in a vase

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