Beginner and Intermediate - Module 4

Modern contemporary and modern minimal

PRICE INCLUDES VAT Learn more principles and techniques of styling in the theme of modern minimal and contemporary. Make three designs to take home Requires module 1 2 and 3 to be done first.

R2200.00 (vat inclusive)


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Beginner Module 4 - Contemporary and minimal design principles and elements and create 3 arrangements

Duration 4hrs
CostR2200.00 vat inclusive price
Includes  Three designs are made and only one is for take home (prestige glassware is used for the remaining two and costs for these are available on request)
  • Using three different containers see and practise making three conceptual designs that are contemporary and minimal.
  • Minimal, Ethnic and Modern contemporary ideas are created and completed using elegant and sophisticated designs.
  • Get familiar with knowing how to assess Virtual and Non Virtual space and when to work in each respectively based on this contemporary principle of designing using minimal floral forms and containers.
  • Learn to know which flowers and greenery are more suitable for this style of work.
  • Tricks and tips to use of floral accessories to maximise minimal effects are shown.
  • The complex floral techniques of massing, blocking, bundling and layering are taught and practised here.
  • Parallel design is also practised.
  • The fundamental principles of contemporary minimal work are introduced.
  • Please be advised that the classes/sessions will not run if a minimum of 5 persons are not booked by the Wednesday before the weekend dates listed.

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