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Ludwig’s Spring Rose Festival 2015 Launch

Published on 1 October 2015 by ShowMe Community Websites

ShowMe Pretoria attended the launch of the 2015 Spring Rose Festival at Ludwig’s Roses on Thursday, 1 October. A magnitude of colour and awesome inspiring rose varieties in full bloom, arranged in massive mandalas, greeted us in the Rose Barn – a sight to behold! Continue reading ...



Picking Winter Flowers - In Season's

Published on 21 July 2015 by People's Weather DSTV Channel 415



A modern twist to a traditional Mother's Day

Published on 9 May 2015 by

Jill Manson of Flowerscape finds alternatives to giving your mo just a bunch of flowers for Mother’s Day. Watch as she fuses both therapy and flowers in to one special experience. watch the video on or read the article A modern twist to a traditional Mother's Day.



Journey into Flowers

Published on 9 November 2014 by The Great Wildebeest migration

Instead of using tea leaves, the stars or your palm, Jill Manson uses flowers to read your soul. Jill is South Africa's leading floral artist, a teacher and a healer. She brings the world of flowers to life through floristry training, flower healing workshops and floral decor. I also relate to flowers and believe deeply in their restorative power. (After all I was seriously into gardening back home in the United States and am a past president of my little Garden Club of America club!) Continue reading ...



Dagbreek: Kweekhuis - Jill Manson - Flowers 1

Published on 1 July 2013 by kyknettv


Coming soon...Fresh Cut  - Season 4! Only on the Home Channel! DSTV 176


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