Private and public Flowerscapes

When you book a flower communication session with Jill Manson you will receive a powerful and profound message for your life through the medium of flowers. Jill has the ability to facilitate a personal journey of self-discovery for you using a range of seasonal blooms, in a mindful and magnificently healing way. You will resonate with certain flowers on the day and in the session it will be revealed how these certain flowers align with you and why.


The Flowerscape options

  1. Public Flowerscape – join a workshop in Johannesburg on a weekend, view schedule or book now.
  2. Private Flowerscape – book for a group of friends/family for special occasions
  3. One on One - book a private session with Jill


A Flowerscape public workshop or private group booking has the following benefits:

  • Gain valuable insights into your own self/situations
  • Spend time with other like-minded individuals
  • Bonding experience with a loved one
  • Valuable ‘me time”
  • Creative and fun
  • Relaxing and inspirational
  • Learn about flowers and the longevity of them
  • Create a floral design that has meaning
  • Learn tips and tricks for floral styling

Includes all flowers and container used for the design, refreshments and workshop items.

For more information, consultation and a quote on the above offering please contact Jill Manson on 0798735002 or email



A Flowerscape one on one session will allow for:

  • Gain valuable insights into your own self/situations
  • Move past blocks /stuck states
  • Improve self esteem
  • Achieve excellence
  • Find your purpose
  • Assist with letting go of trauma and sadness or emotional turmoil.
  • Conflict resolution (alone or attend with a partner or child)

* Jill Manson is a qualified floral communication expert and certified NLP practitioner.



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