Corporate and Conferencing Flowerscapes

Jill Manson is a certified NLP Practitioner and flower communicationexpert using her professional qualifications and her gift of healing with flowers to change the lives of many people in various situations and scenarios as well as to companies and corporate teams and groups.

The aim is to uplift, inspire, enthuse and entertain staff, colleagues and clients in a variety of ways to suit the client/personal requirements within the corporate environment.

Flowerscape journeys bring the colour, creativity and freshness of flowers into boardrooms, conference halls and event venues.

What's in it for you

  • New concept never been seen before
  • Empowering and uplifting
  • Creative and inspirational
  • Insightful and fun
  • Self-exploration
  • Experiential event for attendees

These flower workshops have been held to groups of men and women alike also for:

  • Team achievement initiatives: Creative and spontaneous out the box thinking workshops using flowers as a medium to spark imagination and bring creative ideas to the fore.
  • Promote brand values to clients or staff: Send a strong message for your brand or for a product or company values to clients through a Flowerscape experience. Flowers will represent these ideals or brand values and delegates will take home a floral design where every flower is aligned to a brand or value of a corporate identity.
  • Conflict resolution in teams: Get to the core of an issue in a team or break through the stops and blocks holding a team back from non-productivity and internal conflicts by using the powerful tool of flower communication.
  • Concept for Conferencing: Entertain, uplift and inspire delegates with a hugely entertaining, moving and uplifting experience

The Flowerscape options:

  1. Corporate Flowerscape - A 3hr presentation and workshop where delegates also make a floral design with their flowers, read more about our corporate flowerscape workshops.
  2. Conference Flowerscape - 45min - 15hr presentation and mini workshop - clients take their flowers away with them - no flower arranging

For more information, consultation and a quote on any of the above offerings please contact Jill Manson on 0798735002 or email



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