Advanced floral styling (weekend)

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a beginner it is advised that modules 1 – 4 are completed before embarking on these

  • Some of these classes use prestige glassware and other expensive containers and silverware, equipment and sundries and the cost of these containers used are not included in the course fees
  • Should you wish to purchase the containers you have worked in you may do so on the course day and the price for these will be supplied a week prior to the class date
  • In some instances containers may be used which cannot be purchased for specific reasons (ie are hired)
  • In some cases the work you do will be able to be taken home without dismantling; in some cases there may be the need to dismantle work to take home


Advanced floral styling - Full weekend of creating advanced floral designs

Duration  2 days
CostR7150 - vat inclusive price 

Advanced floral styling techniques for stage features, hanging floral structures, floral architecture and art concepts and styles for designing high end and international standard floral arrangements. Hotel lobby ideas, grand scale designing of focal points and features for events. 

* Cost Includes all flowers and equipment needed  - some containers may be taken home where others will be used for the training but remain property of JMF 

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Book and Pay

Pay for each module individually or select a package option

Package 1 - Beginner and intermediate 1 floral styling (Module 1-4)

Total cost if paid individually – R7 580.00
Save 430 and only pay R7 150.00 (vat inclusive)



Package 2 - Intermediate 2 floral styling (Module 5-8)

Total cost, only pay R7 150.00 (vat inclusive)



Package 3 - Advanced floral styling (weekend)

Two and a half day, weekend course
Total cost, only pay R7 150.00 (vat inclusive)



Package 4 - Wedding course (weekend)

Two and a half day, weekend course
Total cost, only pay R7 500.00 (vat inclusive)



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