Floral design school

At our beautiful and fun-filled floral design school you will find a welcome that’s enthusiastic, authentic and inspiring as we take you on a carefully designed bouquet of flower journeys to suit every type of client, with the aim of allowing you to become a stand - alone floral designer. This school is for:

  • Flower lovers who need creative inspiration
  • Budding florists who wish to start their own flower shops
  • Event coordinators wanting to learn the art of floral design

Courses are offered over weekends or weeknights and are packaged as follows:


Become a floral stylist

Course information

Modules 1 - 4 cover all styles of floral design from Country to Cottage, Modern to Modern Contemporary and to Minimal Contemporary. After completing Module 1 to 4 you will also have learned all the techniques and principles and elements of floristry in the beginner and intermediate arena. This includes the techniques of how to make tied bunches, glass vase designs, low arrangements, how to work with floral foam, how to design in unusually shaped containers and much more.

To be in the floral business you will need to know how to create through all these style ranges and do the techniques

  • If you want to get certificated you need to start at Module 1 and work your way through Modules 2, 3 and then 4 in that order.
  • The elements and principles of design you learn in Module 1 are practiced there and then applied again into Module 2 and so on and so forth.
  • If this is simply something you are doing for inspiration, creativity and as a hobby or for fun you may book one class at a time.

(Modules 1-4) Beginner and intermediate 1

(Modules 5-8) Intermediate 2

Advanced floral styling course

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Book and Pay

Pay for each module individually or select a package option

Package 1 - Beginner and intermediate 1 floral styling (Module 1-4)

Total cost if paid individually – R7 580.00
Save 430 and only pay R7 150.00 (vat inclusive)



Package 2 - Intermediate 2 floral styling (Module 5-8)

Total cost, only pay R7 150.00 (vat inclusive)



Package 3 - Advanced floral styling (weekend)

Two and a half day, weekend course
Total cost, only pay R7 150.00 (vat inclusive)



Package 4 - Wedding course (weekend)

Two and a half day, weekend course
Total cost, only pay R7 500.00 (vat inclusive)



We provide:

  • All flowers most floral equipment and containers
  • Training manuals
  • Refreshments
  • Where applicable, floral arrangements made during each session can be taken home with you
  • A safe space for you to explore your creativity

You bring:

  • An open heart
  • Pen and notebook
  • Floral scissors/secateurs


A Certificate of ‘Completion of Floral Design’ will be awarded to those who complete four or more modules.

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